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Cross-Disciplinary Field

Cultivating Talented Individuals:Support Scheme:Investigative Research Assistance (for student)

Ganjar NUGROHO / Investigation Area: Birmingham, United Kingdom


Study Region(Country/City)

Birmingham,United Kingdom

The objective of research

  • Presenting a paper on "China's Commitment in the Creation of an East Asian Free Trade Agreement:An ASEAN+3 FTA or/and an ASEAN+6 FTA?" in an international conference on "Still the Asian Century" which was held by the Department of Political Sciences and lnternational Studies, University of Birmingham,United Kingdom.
  • Finding literatures and doing literature studies in the library of the University of Birmingham.
  • Meeting with and having discussion with professors from the University of Birmingham.

Research Topic

ASEAN's Political Economic Position in the Establishment of an ASEAN-China FTA,an ASEAN-Korea FTA and an ASEAN-Japan FTA

The three ASEAN+1 FTAs(an ASEAN-China FTA, an ASEAN-Korea FTA and an ASEAN-JapanFTA) that have been concluded in 2007 adopt different memberships,scopes and rules of orgin.

Despite many believes that ASEAN is the driver of regionalism processes in East Asia, different characteristics of ASEAN+1 FTAs merely reflect the opposite.

It does not only mean that ASEAN did not consistently conclude FTAs with its Northeast Asian counterparts, but also that ASEAN could not drive the FTA establishment processes and could not play as an FTA hub.

Instead,it is an indicator that ASEAN disposed to follow its counterparts in deciding the characteristics of FTAs they established.

This problem raises a question: What political economic position did ASEAN have in the establishment of an ASEAN-China FTA,an ASEAN-Korea FTA and an ASEAN-Japan FTA?

This question will indirectly answers what role ASEAN actually plays in the economic regionalism processes in Asia.