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Migration in East Asia: Case Studies from Japan, China and Taiwan


Migration in East Asia: Case Studies from Japan, China and Taiwan
Organised by: Waseda University Doctoral Student Network
Support by: GIARI & GSAPS

Presenters and Discussants

Dr. David Blake Willis, Soai University
Dr. Soo im Lee, Ryukoku University
Dr. David Chapman, University of South Australia
Stephen Robert Nagy, Research Associate, Waseda University
Professor Glenda S. Roberts, Waseda University
Dr. Gracia Liu Farrer, University of Chicago
Pei Chun Han, Phd Candidate, Waseda University
Professor Shigeto Sonoda


60 participants from universities in Tokyo and Abroad, see attendance list for full list of participants

Symposium Schedule:

  • Welcome Address: Prof. Hatsue Shinohara
  • Session 1 : 15:00 to 17:00
    • "Dejima: Legacies of Exclusion and Control"
      - Dr. David Blake Willis (Soai University)
    • "Sealing Japanese Identity"
      - Dr. David Chapman (University of South Australia)
    • "The Underlying Myths, Beliefs and Calculations Reflected In the Naturalization Policy in Japan"
      - Dr. Soo Im Lee (Ryukoku University)
    • "Examining the Role of Local Governments in Social Integration: A Comparative Examination of Social Integration Practices at the Local Government Level in Japan"
      - Stephen R. Nagy Research Associate (Waseda University)
    • Discussant for speakers: Prof. Glenda S. Roberts
  • Session 2 : 17:15 to 18:30
    • "Creating a Transnational Community: Chinese Newcomers in Japan"
      - Dr. Gracia Liu-Farrer (Sophia University)
    • "Hidden "In between-ness": an Exploration of Taiwanese Transnational Identity in Contemporary Japan"
      - Peichun Han PhD Candidate (Waseda University)
    • Discussant for speakers: Prof. Shigeto Sonoda
  • Closing Remarks: Stephen R. Nagy

Sumary etc.

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