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Cultivating Talented Individuals:Support Scheme:Support Scheme for Presentation at International Conference, etc. (for student)

The Second Round (Spring term of fiscal year 2011), 9 cases



The Second Round of the Support Scheme for Presentation at International Conference, etc. (Spring term of fiscal year 2011) was awarded to 9 cases. The institute issued the support scheme to doctoral students presenting their research overseas. The 5 cases were selected out of 9 through a document screening process made open to students of Waseda University. Beside the participants for 45th ASPAC were supported. The scheme provided JPY 80,000 to 180,000 to each recipient, totaling JPY 800,000 awarded by the institute.

screening result

Participants for the 45th Annual Conference of Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC)

  • Chinara Esengul
  • Hideyuki Miura
  • Sae Shimauchi
    Title: “Internationalization of Higher Education and its impact on regional identity - Focusing on International Programs in English as a Medium of Instruction (IP-EMIs) at leading universities in South Korea -”paper [214KB]
  • Andre Asplund
  • Pilar Preciousa P. Berse
  • Ganjar NUGROHO
    Title: “Neoliberal Institutionalism and ASEAN States’ Cooperation in ASEAN Free Trade Area(AFTA): An Empirical Critique”Paper [9628KB]

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