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GIARI & Environment and Human Security


Seminar on Capacity Development and Institutional Change in International Development Cooperation



Seminar ProgramPDF File[207KB]

Record of DiscussionPDF File[174KB]

School Education in the Catch-up of Developing Economies with Advanced Economies:
A perspective from East AsiaPDF File[221KB]

Shunji MATSUOKA(Waseda University)
Capacity Development and Institutional Change in International Development CooperationPDF File[624KB]

Hiroshi KATO(JICA)
Capacity Development in Japan's ODA:
Experience from JICA's Technical Cooperation ActivitiesPDF File[265KB]

Heather BASER(Consultant, Ex-ECDPM)
Capacity Development and Institutional Change from Predictability to UnpredictabilityPDF File[278KB]

Fumihiko SAITO(Ryukoku University)
Going beyond the Buzzwords of Decentralization and Local Governance ReformPDF File[138KB]

Capacity Development in the Education Sector:
Focused on the relationships among institutions, incentives and behavioursPDF File[301KB]

Kyosuke KURITA(Waseda University)
Consideration of the nexus between Institutions and Outreach:
The study of the caste discrimination in IndiaPDF File[403KB]

Nobuhiko FUWA(Chiba University)
Assisting the Philippine Government to Complete Agrarian Reform:
A Case Study in the Support for Institutional Change through Capacity DevelopmentPDF File[188KB]

Capacity Building for Local Government's Economic Development Planning:
A Case of One Village One Products in Malawi"PDF File[124KB]

Capacity Assessment for Enhancing Development Effectiveness:
Application to JICA Program ManagementPDF File[442KB]

Can Foreign Aid Help to Promote Institutionalize Institutional Reform?
An Assessment of Poverty Reduction Support Credits in VietnamPDF File[707KB]

Katsuya TANAKA(Shiga University)
Sustainability and Environmental Management Capacity in Asian Countries:
Efficiency-based Indicator DevelopmentPDF File[399KB]

Yasuyuki SAWADA(The University of Tokyo)
On the Role of Technical Cooperation in International Technology TransfersPDF File[572KB]

Satoko MIWA(Ibaraki University)
Capacity Development: From Concept to Operation:
Lessons Learned from a Global Study on Effective Technical Cooperation for Capacity DevelopmentPDF File[145KB]

Capacity Development and Institutional Change in Indian Water sector (JBIC' Contribution)PDF File[308KB]

Koichi TAKASE(Waseda University)
Capacity Development and Foreign Aid from JapanPDF File[222KB]

Izuru Kimura(JBIC)
Policy-level Improvement and Institutionalization of Field-level Trials:
Achievement of Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP) in the PhilippinesPDF File[486KB]

Eduardo Araral(National University of Singapore)
Strategic Capacity Building: The 20:80 RulePDF File[558KB]