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International Symposium "Competitive Regionalism"


May 30 (Friday) and 31 (Sat), 2008
At Ibuka International Conference Center, 3F Room #No.3, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

The Competitive Regionalism project assesses the causes and implications of the explosive growth of free trade agreements (FTAs). FTAs are rapidly spreading due to the dual forces of competition and emulation with very important implications for the nature of regional integration. FTAs can work for or against the emergence of coherent regional blocs, and we explore which conditions favor one outcome over the other.


  • Opening Remarks
    Satoshi AMAKO (Waseda University)
  • Session 1: Thematic Dynamics
    chaired by Shujiro URATA
    • "Competitive Regionalism: Explaining the Diffusion and Implications of FTAs in the World Economy"
      Saori N. KATADA (University of Southern California)
      Discussant: Gregory NOBLE (University of Tokyo)
    • "Competitive Regionalism in East Asia: Legal Context"
      Junji NAKAGAWA (University of Tokyo)
      Discussant: Akira KOTERA (University of Tokyo)
    • "Political-Security Competition and the FTA Movement: Motivations and Consequences"
      Mike MOCHIZUKI (George Washington University)
      Discussant: Jimbo KEN (Keio University)
    • "Competitive Regionalism in East Asia: An Economic Analysis"
      Shujiro URATA (Waseda University)
      Discussant: Masahiro KAWAI (Asian Development Bank Institute)
  • Session 2: FTA Powers: The United States, Japan, and China
    chaired by Saori N.KATADA
    • "The U.S. as a Bilateral Player: Spreading Asymmetric FTAs"
      Cintia QUILICONI (University of Southern California) and
      Carol WISE (University of Southern California)
      Discussant Noriyuki MITA (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
    • "Japan's Competitive FTA Strategy: Commercial Opportunity versus Political Rivalry"
      Mireya SOLIS (American University)
      Discussant: Yorizumi WATANABE (Keio University)
    • "China's Competitive FTA Strategy: Realism in a Liberal Slide"
      Jian YANG (University of Auckland)
      Discussant: Long KE (Fujitsu Research Center)
  • Session 3: FTA Hubs: Singapore (ASEAN) and Chile
    chaired by Mike MOCHIZUKI
    • "Singapore and ASEAN Competitive Regionalism in Southeast Asia and Beyond"
      Takashi TERADA (Waseda University)
      Discussant: Susumu YAMAKAGE (University of Tokyo)
    • "Chile: A Pioneer in Trade Policy"
      Barbara STALLINGS (Brown University)
      Discussant: Neantro SAAVEDRA-RIVANO (University of Tsukuba)
  • Session 4: FTA Ascendent: Mexico and South Korea
    chaired by Junji NAKAGAWA
    • "Competitive Regionalism and Mexico's FTA Strategy"
      Aldo FLORES-QUIROGA (Claremont Graduate University)
      Discussant: Keiichi TSUNEKAWA (the National Graduate
      Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS))
    • "South Korea's FTAs: Moving from an Emulative to a Competitive Strategy"
      Min Gyo KOO (Yonsei University)
      Discussant: Yukiko FUKAGAWA (Waseda University)
  • Closing Remarks
    by Mireya SOLIS and Shujiro URATA

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