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A Tradable Permit System in an Intertemporal Economy
/ Ken-Ichi Akao, and Shunsuke Managi


Working Papers

Excellent papers on Asian regional integration, which are prepared mainly by young researchers such as GIARI members, co-researchers, research fellows, and research assistants, will be published as working papers. Contributed papers, written in English or in Japanese, will be reviewed and examined by the editorial committee before publication. GIARI donates published papers to the libraries of Waseda and other related universities, research organizations, etc.

GIARI Working Paper Vol.5 2007-E-4


  • Abstract
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The Problem of the Arbitrage Condition
    • 2.1 Welfare maximization
    • 2.2 Cost minimization
  • 3. Trading with a Permit Bank
  • 4. Knowledge Updating
  • 5. Concluding Remarks
  • References


Tradable permit schemes are market-based instruments that many countries can potentially use to improve the management of their natural resources and to reduce pollution emissions. This study analyzes the intertemporal allocation of tradable permits, including the founding of a bank of permits. We show that Tinbergen’s policy principle applies to the intertemporal permit system: at least as many policy instruments are required as policy objectives. The policy instruments are required to have the same Lebesgue measure in a continuous time model. Thus, the merits of the artificial market system analyzed by Montgomery (1972) are reduced in an intertemporal setup.

Keywords: Tradable permits; Intertemporal arbitrage condition; Knowledge updating; Tinbergen’s policy principle; Artificail market.
JEL Classification: H23; K32; Q58.