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International Joint Symposium “Socio-Political Transformation in Globalising Asia:Integration or Conflict?”



On February 20 and 21, 2008, GIARI, Korea University, and Fudan University held a joint workshop for doctorate students. The proceedings contained about 375 pages, and two excellent papers were selected as working papers.


February 20 (Wednesday)

Opening Remarks

Prof. In-Jin Yoon and Prof. Shigeto Sonoda

Session 1 Cross-border Migration in Asia: Emergence of New Conflicts?

Chair: David Chapmen (University of South Australia/Waseda University)
  • In-Jin Yoon (Professor, Korea University)
    "International Migration and Multiculturalism in Asia and South Korea: With a Focus on the Korean Experience"
    Session 1-1PDF File
  • Glenda S. Roberts (Professor, Waseda University)
    "Fewer Japanese, More Migrants? Immigration Framework and Challenges in a Low Birthrate, Aging Society"
  • Stephen R. Nagy (Research Associate, Waseda University)
    "Japanese Multicultural Coexistence: Emblematic of a Liberal Society?"
    Session 1-3PDF File

Session 2 Social Inequalities in Globalizing Asian Societies

Chair: Tan Ern Ser (Professor, National University of Singapore)
  • Yoshimichi Sato (Professor, Tohoku University)
    "Disparity Society Theory and Social Stratification Theory: An Attempt to Respond to Challenges by Disparity Society Theory"
    Session 2-1PDF File
  • Chul-Kyu Kim (Professor, Korea University)
    "Globalization and Changing Food Politics in South Korea"
    Session 2-2PDF File
  • Myung-Jin Lee (Professor, Korea University)
    "The Meaning of the Perception on Desirable Job in Korean Labor Market"
    Session 2-3PDF File
February 21 (Thursday)

Session 3 Asian Societies in Comparative Perspective

Chair: Yoshimichi Sato (Professor, Tohoku University)
  • Shin Arita (Associate Professor, University of Tokyo)
    "Occupational Structure and Social Stratification in East Asia: A Comparative Study of Japan, Korea and Taiwan"
    Session 3-1PDF File
  • Suk Min (Ph.D Student, Waseda University)
    "Perceptions on Marriage and Changing Family Value in East Asia: A Comparative View"
    Session 3-2PDF File
  • Soon-may Lum (PhD Student, Waseda University)
    "Intergenerational Wealth Shifts To and From the Retired Generation - A Comparative Study of Japan and South Korea"
    Session 3-3PDF File
  • Shigeto Sonoda (Professor, Waseda University)
    "Perception of Inequality in East Asia: Some Empirical Observations from AsiaBarometer"
    Session 3-4PDF File

Session 4 South Korean Politics under Social Conflicts

Chair: Shin Arita (Associate Professor, University of Tokyo)
  • Il Joon Chung (Professor, Korea University)
    "Governing South Korea: From Authoritarian to No-Liberal Governmentality?"
    Session 4-1PDF File
  • Min Kyung Kim (MA Student, Korea University)
    "World Society and Prisoner's Human Rights: The National Ratification of the Convention against Torture, 1984-2000"
    Session 4-2PDF File
  • Seong-Hoon Park(PhD Student, Korea University
    "Trust in Professionals and Solving Social Conflicts: A Study on Determinants in Accepting Landfill Location"
    Session 4-3PDF File

Session 5 Impact of Economic Globalization on Asia

Chair: Glenda S. Roberts (Professor, Waseda University)
  • EunYoung Song (MA Student, Korea University)
    "The Integration of Corporate Social Responsibility into Business Practice in Asia, from 2000 to 2007"
    Session 5-1PDF File
  • Ki-Tae Park (MA Student, Korea University)
    "The Diffusion of ISO 9000 and Economic Crisis in Korea adoption"
    Session 5-2PDF File
  • Hang-Young Lee (PhD. Student, Korea University)
    "The Expansion of Outside Directorate in Korea; Agency Control, Resource Dependency,and Neo-institutional Perspectives"
    Session 5-3PDF File
  • Yasuyuki Kishi (Research Associate, Waseda University)
    "Diversity in the Asian Workplace: A Comparative Case Study of Chinese and Taiwanese Managers’ Perception of Japanese Companies"
    Session 5-4PDF File

Session 6 Asian Regional Integration: A China Factor?

Chair: Shigeto Sonoda (Professor, Waseda University)
  • Troy Knudson (PhD Student,Waseda University)
    "Longitudinal Analysis of News about China in the US Media: Changes Explained by World System Theory?"
    Session 6-1PDF File
  • Cheung Mong (Research Associate, Waseda University)
    "Rethinking Yasukuni Problem in Sino-Japanese Relations: Implication toward Regional Integration"
  • Ganjar Nugroho (MA Student, Waseda University)
    "China’s Commitment in the Creation of an East Asian Free Trade Area (EAFTA):An ASEAN+3 FTA or/and an ASEAN+6 FTA?"
    Session 6-3PDF File

Round Table Sessions

1) Session on Changing Identities under Multicultural Situation
Moderator: In-Jin Yoon (Professor, Korea University)
  • Young-Ho Song (MA Student, Korea University)
    "South Koreans' Attitudes toward Foreigners, Minorities and Multiculturalism"
    Round Table Sessions 1-1PDF File
  • David Chapmen (University of South Australia/Waseda University)
    "Tama-chan and the Seal of Japanese Identity"
    Round Table Sessions 1-2PDF File
  • Hiromi Ito (PhD Student, Waseda University)
    "Japanese Diaspora in Hawaii"
    Round Table Sessions 1-3PDF File
  • Pei-chun Han (PhD Student, Waseda University)
    "Diaspora, Hidden "In-between-ness", Cross-borderer: an Exploration of Taiwanese Immigrants’ Identity in Contemporary Japan"
    Round Table Sessions 1-4PDF File
  • Kenji Guilherme Chihaya da Silva (MA Student, Waseda University)
    "Definition of Community and Regional Integration: an International Comparison"
    Round Table Sessions 1-5PDF File
2) Session for Korean PhD Students (Rm. 317)
Moderator: In-Sook Lim (Professor, Korea University)
  • Chang-Seok Choi (PhD Student, Korea University)
    "The Economic Perspective of Western Social Thought in the 17th Century"
  • Jae-Won Kim (PhD Student, Korea University)
    "The Responsibilities/Downside of Social Capital"
  • Yoon-Kyung Lee (Ph.D. Student, Korea University)
    "Comparative Sociological Approaches to Globalizing East Asia"
  • Maria Hyun (PhD Student, Korea University)
    "Universalization of Environmental Movement in Korea"
3) Session for Korean MA Students (Closed Session, Rm. 316)
Moderator: Chul-Kyu Kim (Professor, Korea University)
  • Ji-Sun Moon (MA Student, Korea University)
    "Study of Nonstandard Work Movement and Social Solidarity: In KTX Women Train Crew's Labor Movement"
  • Yosoo Lee (MA Student, Korea University)
    "Distinction Strategy of Culture Class"
  • Kyung-Seok Kim (MA Student, Korea University)
    "Lifestyle with the Others' Line of Sight"
  • Choong-Shin Kang (MA Student, Korea University)
    "The Effects of School Attachment on Juvenile Delinquency"

Concluding Remarks

Prof. Shigeto Sonoda and Prof. In-Jin Yoon

Farewell Party


Working Papers