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Globalization, Education and Development: A Comparison between Successes and Failures in the Asia-Pacific / Pramila Neupane


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Excellent papers on Asian regional integration, which are prepared mainly by young researchers such as GIARI members, co-researchers, research fellows, and research assistants, will be published as working papers. Contributed papers, written in English or in Japanese, will be reviewed and examined by the editorial committee before publication. GIARI donates published papers to the libraries of Waseda and other related universities, research organizations, etc.

GIARI Working Paper Vol. 2010-E-2


Link between globalization, education and development is one of the major subjects of interest in the contemporary discourse on international development. This paper compares the education, globalization, income and health indicators of successful and unsuccessful countries in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of their GDP per capita growth over the period of 1970 to 2006. The study finds that countries with high levels of education have achieved continuous high growth in GDP per capita along with rapid globalization over time. In contrast, countries with low levels of education have found it more difficult to achieve progress. They have experienced very slow growth in per capita income and have not been able to effectively integrate themselves with the global economy and society. In addition, using panel data of 26 countries from the region and applying fixed-effect regression model, it finds that globalization and education have high and positive impact on GDP per capita. However, in spite of high performance on education and globalization, the Philippines has surprisingly low growth in GDP per capita over the period, and poverty and income inequalities are also still high in the country. Thus, further research is proposed to explore the reasons behind this unusual outcome.


  • Abstract
  • Globalization and Development: Trends and Linkages
  • Educational Status and Trends and its Role in Development and Globalization
  • Development, Globalization and Education: What are the Relationships?
  • Conclusion
  • References