Asia Fellow (RA)

Yeeyoung HONG

Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies(GSAPS)

Asia Fellow (RA)
Social Integration and Networking

Asia Fellow (RA) Fiscal Year 2009(Autumn),2010

Achievements (since 2006 till 2012)

Presentations at international conferences (since 2006 till 2012)

  1. Oral presentation, Yeeyoung HONG, 2010/06, Cross-border education of Japanese universities: Active collaboration within the East Asia region, World Council of Comparative Education Societies XIV World Congress (WCCES 2010), Istanbul, Turkey
  2. Oral presentation, Yeeyoung Hong, 2010/03, Internationalization of higher education and Regionalization in South Korea: Examining collaborations with East Asian Countries, 54th Annual Conference of the Comparative International Education Society (CIES 2010)
  3. Oral presentation, Yeeyoung Hong, 2009/07, Internationalization of higher education and Regionalization: A Case Study of South Korea, International Conference of Higher Education Research and Development 2009, Dhurakij Pundit Unviersity, Bangkok, Thailand
  4. Oral presentation, Yeeyoung Hong, 2008/10, Internationalization Trends in Higher Education: South Korea, 9th International Conference on Education Research(ICER) Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.
  5. Oral presentation, Yeeyoung Hong, 2008/03, South Korea's Internationalization Trends in higher education:Primacy of Regionalization, 52nd Comparative and International Education Society, Teachers colleges Columbia University, New York, USA

Past research grants (since 2006 till 2012)

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