GIARI Lecture by Dr. LIM Tai Wei (Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong)


Lecturer: Dr. LIM Tai Wei (Assistant Professor, Department of Japanese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Title of presentation: “A Historiographical Survey and Literature Review of Inter-regional Exchanges between Northeast Asia (Foregrounding China and Japan) and the Middle East and the Very Important Roles of the US and India”

Abstract: In surveying the inter-regional literature between Northeast Asia and the Middle East, several entities appear to be commonly mentioned, studied or researched. They included Japan, China but India and the US were indispensible in such discussions given their important and significant influence, particularly in the US. In conjunction with the focus on inter-regional trade ties, the arguments appear to allude that inter-regional ties appears to increasingly embed bilateral energy trade within non-energy trade. The arguments presented do not put forward the replacement of energy ties with non-energy trade ties, instead both reinforce each other. Although the discussion is centered inter-regionally upon Northeast Asia and the Middle East, the US is particularly important for any regionalism, inter-regionalism or macro-regionalism because it is a hyper power whose influence is crucial to the success of any schemes in regional and inter-regional relations. The US ability to encourage or obstruct any aspects of regional and/or inter-regional initiatives can mean the successes and failures of those initiatives. The US is also the only entity with deep and long-entrenched interests in Northeast Asia, India and the Middle East and the nature of its relationship is comprehensive involving all facets, not solely or predominantly on economic aspects.

Date: 11 Jul (Mon), 2011
Time: 13:00-14:30
Venue: Room 309, Building 19
Moderator: Chris Wirth, Research Associate of GIARI, Waseda University
Organized by: GIARI : Global Institute for Asian Regional Integration

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